EPAL PL-136 Licence

IPPC PL-04-042 Certificate

certyfikat IPPC

FHPT Marian Gerka
Gorczenica 84
87-300 Brodnica

Tel. +48 56 493 85 96
Fax. +48 56 493 75 52

o firmie

Trade-Production-Transport Marian Gerka Company has come into existence in 1990 and it has become one of the biggest licenced producers of wooden pallets.

Long experience in pallets production, qualified personnel and modern technologies caused that both domestic and foreign customers have confidence in our company.

Pallets are solely produced from pre- industrial economy forests which comply with FSC standards. According to the fact that we have four modern drying rooms, we meet the requirements of fitosanitary condition aspects in production processes.

Our number in national register is PL 04-042. The manufacture of pallets is made on the most modern assembly line, that guarantees products of the highest quality.



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